TCS Webmail Login on Mobile using Citrix Workspace

TCS Webmail is a mailing service, which has been developed by Tata Consultancy Services for its employees all over the world. With the help of the webmail TCS, the company has brought all its employees under one platform. But, it is difficult to access webmail outside their systems. So, we have found an easy way for you to check your emails on your personal mobile and computer.


The mail services are used for checking client inquiries and project related emails from then colleagues.  The employees use to send and receive emails related to work. The employee’s email address was also The company is now using a new address and which will provide good user experience to the employees. The new address is

The company has to make its employees aware of the new email system launched by the company. The TCS webmail login is being used by various departments of the company like IT infrastructure, platform solutions, etc. and users can use the mail either from office or from home.


If an employee is using the email service from home, he must be aware of the fact that the email service is being provided by a personal web server so he has to use a secure network to TCS login to the email.

In order to validate the email system with TCS webmail login, users have to use their official credentials. The user has to provide login and secure code to access his email.

How to log in to TCS Webmail?

The email services can also be accessed through mobiles but users need to download an app for the purpose. The company is using VPN so TCS mail cannot be used outside the systems. Here are the ways of accessing the email through Android and Apple mobiles.

Accessing webmail through Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver is an app, which can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store or the iTunes Store. Users can use this app to access mail from mobile. Here are the ways of using the Citrix receiver

  1. Download Citrix receiver and install it on mobile
  2. After installing the app, open the login page of the TCS known as Netscaler Gateway.
  3. Enter the Ultimatix login and password.
  4. Now users can access their mail through Citrix Receiver.
  5. To access the webmail, select Lotus Webmail and the user will be navigated to TCS Webmail page.
  6. Now users can enter their email credentials and use the email.

If the users are using the mobile to access the emails, then they will not be able to check the emails that are three days old.

citrix workspace


TCS WebEx is a website accessed by 42,000 people monthly. The website is very secure so no precaution is needed while browsing it. Users can perform various things with WebEx like meeting, training, event, support, and assist.

  • WebEx meeting center helps a user to hold a meeting. Users will get an email address and then h can send the link to the other user with whom he wants to conduct the meeting.
  • WebEx event center can be used to arrange events in which 100 to 3000 people can take part simultaneously. There are multiple presenters who broadcast through audio controls and monitoring tools.
  • WebEx training center can be used for giving lectures, labs, and small sessions. People can give live or on-demand lectures.
  • WebEx support center provides support to the workers and customers through live chat and video conferencing.
  • WebEx assist can be used to take the help of a person when a person needs it.

FAQs regarding TCS Webmail

These are the frequently asked questions about the webmail.

Q 1: I am unable to access mail from my mobile. What should I do?

Install Citrix receiver and then access the TCS webmail through Lotus Webmail.

Q 2: How to access email on my mobile?

Install Citrix receiver from Google play store and then enter the credentials of Ultimax account. Select Lotus Webmail to access the webmail TCS.

Q 3: Can I access my mail through

You cannot access the mail as the company has launched the new email system. You can access it through

About TCS

The headquarters of this multinational company is in Mumbai and belongs to Tata Group. The company has spread itself in 46 countries. The company provides manpower related to IT and ITES industries. The company provides its services in various sectors like banking, BPO, IT, and other industries with the help of more than four lakhs employees. The growth of the company is rising all over the world.

Now, wrap it up we have shared everything we knew about TCS Webmail. But, if we have missed something or you have a tip to share then do let us know in the comments section.